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Coors Cowboy Club Cattle Drive

Date: June 02, 2022
Time: 6:00 PM
No single endeavor has marked the image of Texas in the national mind more than the cattle drive. For more than a century, writers have romanticized the work and the life of the cowboy.
Cattle have been raised in Texas from the time the Spanish attempted to establish missions and domesticate the Indians, beginning in the mid-18th century.
Many of the early cattle were longhorns, descendants of Spanish ranch and mission herds, with horn spreads of four to eight feet. Some had become crossed with Mexican cattle, shorter-horned and dun-colored. But there also were cattle of British origin, brought west by Anglo-American colonists from the East Coast by way of Northeast Texas
--Texas State Historical Society, Texas Almanac

Event Description: Longhorns, along with other non-motorized groups and accompanying riders will start from the corner of 11th & Polk St. at 6 p.m. Visitors are welcome to cheer on the cattle and riders from any point along the way. The cattle drive is sponsored by the Amarillo Convention & Visitor Council.
Parade route details – Start at 11th and Polk Streets at 6 p.m.; go north on Polk to 3rd; east on 3rd to Taylor, then south on Taylor to 6th (past the old County Courthouse); at 6th turn east to Buchanan, then north on Buchanan to 3rd; east on 3rd to Marrs; south on Marrs to 10th; east on 10th to the main gate and archway of the Tri-State Fairgrounds. The cattle drive will cover that route in about an hour.
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Coors Cowboy Club Cattle Drive
June 02, 2022 | 6:00 PM
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