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About The Cowboys

Mission Statement:

"The mission of the Coors Cowboy Club is to honor, preserve, and promote the timeless values of the Cowboy way. Through community engagement, cultural education, and stewardship of western heritage, we strive to uphold the traditions of integrity, hard work, respect, and camaraderie that define the Cowboy spirit for generations to come."


The purpose of the Coors Cowboy Club is to act as a dedicated ambassador for Amarillo, while upholding and preserving the cherished cowboy way of life. Through our ongoing efforts and support, we facilitate the hosting of numerous prestigious national events in Amarillo, including The National Cutting Horse Association, United States Team Penning Association, and The Cowboy Mounted Shooters competitions. Additionally, we generously volunteer our time, resources, and goodwill to various community initiatives such as Life and Liberty Outdoors, Potter County Jr. Livestock Association, TAPS, Emi's Color Shoot, and Amarillo area law enforcement, among others, fostering a spirit of unity and service in our beloved city.

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